Credit For Time Served Calculator

Typically those people who have not yet been sentenced but have an idea of how long their prison sentence may be can now get a good *guesstimate of how much actual prison time they may have to serve. has built one of the largest prison sentence good time calculators using the good time credit algorithms directly from state.

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For example, does the "offender" get credit for time served in county, and is the time based on a 5 to 1, 12 to 1, 2 to 1, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to figure out how much actual time might be expected to be spent on a 5-year TDC (not state jail) sentence, first offense, when 2 months have already been spent in a county jail.

Parole: The release of an offender, by decision of a Parole Panel, to serve the remainder of his or.. offenders' “good time” credits may be added to calendar time served in calculating their eligibility.. time credit on all sentences, one after.

Time Served In Virginia you will automatically get credit for any time served for the charge you were convicted of while you were in the jurisdiction. If you were caught outside the jurisdiction, your time awaiting extradiction does not count until the court recieves the trasnportation order.

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conduct creditS calculator* Calculating presentence conduct credit Under Penal Code Sections 4019 and 2933 in the Third and Fifth Districts.. Time served in local custody for crimes committed on or after September 28, 2010 but prior to October 1, 2011.

facility, that person is entitled to jail-time credit for any time spent confined for any reason arising out of the offense for which the inmate was sentenced.1 The right to credit for time served in confinement is fundamental and protected by the Equal Protection Clauses of the Ohio and united states constitutions.2 jail-time credit is

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